High Performance Hybrid & Multi Cloud

Decentralize your entire project with our SDK. Have unparalleled data performance, privacy, and security.

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The most private cloud.

Build your privacy solution. Store for total protection.

Best Uptime. Total Protection.

Züs is the first encrypted data sharing network. It is the only network with a QoS (quality-of-service) protocol to ensure total protection.


Store for better protection & uptime


Build for privacy


Earn by providing capacity


Multi-cloud S3.

Use Blimp to design a hybrid & multi-cloud strategy. Configure for the best uptime and total protection.


Züs SDK.

Use Züs SDK to build privacy apps with encrypted data sharing

Build a high resolution website
No Cloudfront, Cloudflare, or CDN required
Maximize global reach
Prevent DDoS and single-server attacks
No Censorship

Personal Cloud.

Use Vult to store and share encrypted files with friends. Browse pictures in their pristine quality.


Plug in & earn.

Chimney makes earning simple. Rent a server or use spare storage for passive income.


Market your NFT.

Use Chalk to maximize buyer engagement. Add a backstory to showcase your limitless creativity.


How does Private sharing work?

Züs' private sharing technology ensures complete privacy and security. Files are divided into fragments, encrypted, and distributed among multiple storage providers. The sharing proxy key is distributed to providers, ensuring the process is fully decentralized and that only the recipient can access and decrypt the files.

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Frequently Asked Questions

See below for our most frequently asked questions. For more information, visit our Discord, GitHub, API, and Documentation pages

What is Züs?

Züs is the most private cloud. Use Züs to build your privacy solution and store for total protection. Züs is the first decentralized encrypted data sharing network. It is the only network with a QoS (quality-of-service) protocol to ensure total protection.

How does Züs help with GDPR?

Given the data is tracked for all file operations on the Blobber, we provide a capability to generate privacy reports on the Blimp app. Also since the data is controlled by the user or customer, storing on Züs is a naturally GDPR compliant storage solution.

What are Miners and Sharders?

Miners processes transactions from the client and challenges Blobbers to ensure storage integrity and performance. Sharders store the blockchain history and respond to queries.

What is a Blobber?

A Blobber is a storage provider on the Züs network. They are decentralized servers all over the world that connect to Züs network to earn ZCN by providing our users with the storage they need.

Are Miners and Sharders centralized?

Miners and Sharders are a limited core group of the Züs ecosystem, but they each have independent instances and keys.

What is sharding and how does it protect my data?

In our protocol we split the data into fragments and store it on multiple Blobbers, so one server does not compromise availability and security of your data.